Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 5-8

Note: Bracket M Polls 1-4 close in exactly 24 hours.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Ano Natsu de Matteru – Vidro Moyou

Track 2: Otome Youkai Zakuro – Futari shizuka

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Cowboy Bebop – The Real Folk Blues

Track 2: Eden of the East – Falling Down

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Aquarion EVOL – Gekkou Symphonia

Track 2: Planetes – Dive in the Sky

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Irony

Track 2: K – Tsumetai Heya, Hitori

7 thoughts on “Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 5-8

  1. I honestly had to flip a coin on Vidro Moyou vs. Futari Shizuka. Vidro has been growing on me more and more since the start of the tournament and Futari was an immediate stand-out piece, so I’d really hate to see either of them go.
    I’m probably crazy for it, but I think Real Folk Blues is one of the weakest Bebop entries. Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a super solid song. I think it just feels kinda boring to me, at least in comparison to Falling Down. The way that the chorus kicks in louder than ever before after the little instrumental break is perfect every time I hear it.
    Don’t have much of a strong opinion on the third one, just liked Dive In The Sky more. Also, I’m sticking by one of my earlier comments about thinking ClariS is kinda garbage most of the time.

  2. Real Folk Blues may not be the strongest Cowboy Bebop entry, but I utterly loathe Oasis (and it’s not like anime “brought us” that song anyway, it was released before the anime by about a year IIRC) so… there we go.

  3. Dive In the Sky, once divorced from the PLANETES context, just makes me want to watch Lion King.

    Tsumetai Heya, Hitori is one of those songs that is a lot better if the right singer is matched up with the song. Mikakoshi…does a good job I guess, but I think not everything clicked. Man, I wish her latest song from Kaminai was in this thing, because that song rocks.

    Futari shizuka is a very neat song. I like these harmonizing duets, they’re way few these days. I remember hearing it from Zakuro and it was weird how they only had one real duet going on. And it’s the one with Hanazawa >_>

    Falling Down is a pretty cool song. I like it. As far as Oasis goes it’s not bad compared to their other stuff FWIW. But right now I have this huge emotional baggage about The Real Folks Blue that has nothing to do with Cowboy Bebop so I gotta vote that way lololol.

  4. Agreed, great, hard bracket. Hardest being Oasis vs Mai Yamame. Falling Down does the sonic realm really well, but Real Folks gets my vote on that brilliant drum bit at the end of the song.

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