Welcome to the Anime Music Tournament

This is going to be the centralized site where we will hold anime music tournaments to determine what pieces of anime music stand out as people’s favorites. The idea is to get people to nominate their favorite pieces of anime music depending on the tournament requirements and have the pieces face off in a head to head format where voters will choose the piece they like best. The winner will then advance to square off against another matchup’s winner until an ultimate winner is chosen.

Tournament requirements you ask? And how will this all work? Well, here’s an idea that we plan to launch with soon:

Anime Music of Openings and Endings Tournament

In this tournament format, people will nominate 10 tracks from anime opening themes, ending themes, and yes, we’ll even allow insert songs. The purpose of the nomination phase is to seed tracks from 1 to a*2^x after tallying the results. From there, we’ll put them into brackets and let fly with the votes where the winners advance and the losers are quickly dropped.

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