Anime Music Poll Example

Track 1: Lucky Star – Moetekke Sailor Fuku (Minoru vers)

Track 2: Someday’s Dreamers – Where the Sky and the Earth Meet

Track 3: One Outs – Aerobatic Funk

No one’s nominated the first track. N-n-n-not that I want them to or anything!

This format is more or less what you can expect.

Still on the fence about deciding whether to run with a 192-song format (3 songs in each poll in the first round only, 2 songs thereafter) or 256-song format (2 songs per poll the whole way through).

Inclined to use Polldaddy, despite the obvious security issues exposed during the Aniblog Tourney.

The Compromise Candidate (5 years before ver.)

One fourth score years ago, the internet, specifically Nico Nico Douga brought forth upon this world a varied medley, conceived by Shimo, and dedicated to the proposition that games and anison deserve a giant mashup of awesomeness.

Now, we are engaged in an anime music tourney to test whether these songs notable from 5 years past, or songs from more recent fare will long stand. We are met on a mere site amidst a giant network to host this, as fans of every stripe chime in, be it by vote or by comment so that this enjoyment of anison might long live.

But we realize that in a larger sense, there’s no objectivity in music; its a personal experience unto us all and none have the true power to so declare one experience superior over another, be it by context, lyrics, or musical form and structure. Nevertheless, it is up to us, the listeners, to dedicate ourselves to the enjoyment of this mixed medium so that the artists of works possibly timeless shall not have created them in vain – so that this fandom shall have a slew of new experiences and ensure that anison new and old, shall not perish from this earth.


To be honest, I just needed a good excuse to post this video and keep this from being too barren while nominations are coming in. It’s kind of surprising that it burst on the scene about 5 years ago and now, the reason why I even know about some of these songs is because of the delicious tribute it received through this medley. Granted, I haven’t followed this phenomenon past, oh, I don’t know… 2009? So any new entries have just been lost on me. Still, it’s tough to beat if your goal is to get a broad sampling of anison and whatnot crammed within a 10-minute timespan.

Updates: We’re closing in on 160 nominations as of this writing. To clarify, that’s 160 people. Average is about 10 songs nominated per ballot aaaaaand my job of tabulating it all via Excel has become much more daunting, but exciting all the same! A little over one week left.

Anime Music Tourney Nominations Commence!

A week has passed and now that people have been able to comment or ask questions to clarify what’s permissible as far as nominations go, we’re ready to kick off the nominations process for the Anime Music of Openings & Endings Tourney.  so without further ado…

Nominations are closed.

Points to keep in mind while nominating:

  1. The minimum number of songs you can nominate is 5. The maximum number of songs you can nominate is 15.  Obviously, you cannot nominate a song more than once.
  2. When filling out the form, keep in mind that entries are to be entered in [Anime Title] – [Song title] (e.g. Baccano! – Gun’s & Roses).
  3. Note that ordering is important! That is because the location in which you place the song will affect how many points it will earn for seeding purposes.  So in this form, the song in your #1 slot will earn 35 points.  The song in your 15th slot will earn 5 points.
  4. You can nominate anime opening themes, ending themes, or insert songs from any anime (as defined by whether it can be found on AnimeNewsNetwork’s encyclopedia, MyAnimeList’s listings, AniDB, or Anime-Planet).  The songs need not have been written specifically for the anime in question (e.g. Eden of the East – Falling Down).  Furthermore, opening/ending/insert songs from international anime releases are OK too (e.g. One Piece – One Piece Rap).
  5. In terms of insert songs’ eligibility, all you need to do is ask yourself whether the song in question features a vocal component, be it J-pop, rap, Gregorian chant, screamo, etc.
  6. One entry per person.
  7. Nominations that do not adhere to these simple guidelines will simply not be counted.

Important dates:

July 1, 2013, 11:59pm (-0700 UTC) – Nominations phase will close and tallying process begins.
July 8, 2013 – Preliminary tie-breakers (if necessary). Begin distributing the tracklist.
July 15, 2013 – Brackets released. Tournament begins in earnest!

Again, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.  If you’re looking for tournament updates or the status of how things are going, follow the Anime Music Tourney twitter account at @Animusictourney. There will be periodic updates here as well, if anything, to break the monotony until the end of the Nominations phase.

Nominations are closed.

Introducing: Best Anime Music of Openings & Endings Tourney

Of course, as mentioned in the previous post, insert songs are totally OK too. I just didn’t add it in the title since it wouldn’t fit the acronym I had in mind. So Best Anime MOE Tourney it is (and oh to be able to call it SaiMOE and not have it be confused with something else) or Animusic Tourney will do too!

Anyway, the goal of this entry is to set up the guidelines for the tourney, its processes and procedures, and most importantly, gather feedback or clarify said processes and procedures. So without further ado:

The 10 Commandments to Enjoying Thy Best Anime MOE Tourney!

  1. This contest is for the purpose of FUN. Participants must have FUN and enjoy themselves wholly through musical activities involving the acts of nominating, listening, and voting.
  2. Thou shalt use a soon-to-be linked Google Spreadsheet to nominate at least 5 different tracks, but no more than 15 different tracks.  The point values shalt then be tabulated by the tournament organizer and the top (either 192 or 256) tracks will be seeded and the tournament shall commence.
  3. Thou shalt nominate a song that can be considered an Opening, Ending, or Insert Song and appears in an anime (as defined by whether it can be found on AnimeNewsNetwork’s encyclopedia, MyAnimeList’s listings, AniDB, or Anime-Planet).
  4. In determining whether thy pick of an Insert Song is eligible, ask thyself whether it is a “song,” that is, a piece of music with a vocal component to it, be it rap, J-pop, some chorus chanting “Escaflowne,” or (god forbid) screamo.
  5. Nominations that do not adhere shall be excommunicated and will have no bearing upon the seeding of the tracks!
  6. Upon the completion of seeding and any preliminary activities, voting shall commence. In making your vote, thou shalt listen to each track and choose the one that appeals most to thy musical sensibilities. Votes shall be recorded through Polldaddy (uh oh) unless other alternatives are made available.
  7. During the course of voting, thou art free to discuss the matchups, delivering scorn, praise, apathy, or voting proclamations, as appropriate, without forgetting the First Commandment.
  8. Thou shalt note that the earliest rounds’ polls shall be open for a time period totaling 7 days.  Subsequent rounds shall be shorter (5 days, then 3 days) since it is assumed that thou have become familiar with the tunes by that time.  Winners shall advance, losers shall perish.  Such is the way of this harsh, cruel, but FUN world we live in.
  9. Thou shalt not forget the First Commandment lest thou incur the wrath of thy Tournament Admin.
  10. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

And there you have it.  The guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect and how things will roll.

Granted, now that I’ve put these up, people are bound to have thoughts, questions, suggestions, clarifications, and on, and on, and on.  On top of that, I’m still waffling on a few items (leaning heavily towards 192 tracks at the moment, fairly certain about the 7/5/3 setting for poll duration, 15 nominated tracks per person is the final limit I’m settling on).  That’s the reason why this post has come into being: get all that stuff out of the way now so we can have a polished set of guidelines in a week’s time where I’ll unleash the nomination link upon you all and get this all underway!

A Taste of What’s to Come

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had throughout the time spent blogging is running the MyAnimeList Anime Music Piece of the Week Club (better known to some of the old-timers as the MALKeionbu). One of the great things about running that club was the participation and the discussion that came out of it as well as a feel for what pieces of anime music really resonated with certain people.

While my powers are no longer such that I can run that club on a consistent basis, what I can do as an overdue last hurrah of sorts (before full-time work takes over my life) is to run one final event, which brings us to the creation of the Anime Music Tourney site.

The idea is fairly simple: people nominate anime songs they like. People’s votes are tallied, and then the top a*2^x tracks are seeded and then face off in a head to head competition. Within the head to head competition, anyone interested in voting will listen to the tracks and then vote for the track they liked more. The winner then gets to advance further into the tournament. The loser drops out, never to be heard again (within the context of the tourney). Simple. Easy.

So why are we doing this? Simply for fun, simply to see who wins the hearts of fans if it came down to “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” or “Tank!” You’re curious too, aren’t you?

So over the next few days, I’ll start the organization process for this, which means figuring logistics and the like. I’ll have the rules up sometime next week and the nomination link will be up sometime after that. The goal is for this to start on July 15th, which should give people about three weeks to nominate tracks.

Also, instead of doing something overly complicated like a BGM tourney, let’s keep it nice and easy. A tournament revolving around the Anime Music of Opening & Ending Themes Tournament (Insert songs are OK too!). There, that should give you something to think about. In the meantime, feel free to throw questions, comments, and concerns this way.