Championship Round: Quarterfinals

As usual, polls will open for 3 days, so closes on Saturday, November 23 at 23:59, Pacific Time.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Bakemonogatari – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

Track 2: Angel Beats – My Soul, Your Beats

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Cowboy Bebop – Tank!

Track 2: Macross Frontier – Lion

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Clannad After Story – Toki wo Kizamu Uta

Track 2: Shinsekai Yori – Wareta Ringo

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Steins;Gate – Hacking to the Gate

Track 2: Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Magia

16 thoughts on “Championship Round: Quarterfinals

  1. whoever voted Magia over Hacking to the Gate probably didn’t listen to them and voted based on personal affection to the show, because musically there’s no comparison, Hacking to the Gate is just an Incredible song, magia just felt right for its show

    • …that’s what she said.
      I actually think almost the opposite: Magia is oppressive, engaging and subverts the Madoka concept; it’s fitting but not in a way that is expected. Hacking to the Gate is extremely fitting for a pair of young adults traveling through time, a heroic story rewarded by timeless romantic encounters. It’s emotional and it asks you to care in a way that is earnest. It’s what I expect out of an angst-driven love story.

      But musically I think Magia is the more interesting of the two–the problem is because everything Kajiura makes sounds alike. It … diminishes what the songs really is after you heard the 9001 other Kajiura songs over the years. And I think it could’ve been arranged a lot better. Hacking to the Gate is better in that it doesn’t mess things up.

      • I actually don’t find Hacking to the Gate all that amazing but that’s probably because I enjoyed the other Kanako Ito Steins;gate songs more (Sky clad no kansokusha, A.R etc).

        • I don’t disagree. Out of Steins;Gate I personally liked Yuinyan’s songs more. I was pretty surprised that one of them made it as far as it did, which is incredible.

    • I’m inclined to think most of those who got Hacking to the Gate through all those previous rounds voted based on personal affection to the show :p

  2. The good thing is that as someone tried hard to prove, “there is no recency bias”, in this tournament. Many classic series of the 80’s and 90’s are right here at the end fighting it out. People are also voting for good songs as opposed to voting for the most catchy song of some popular series. I mean look at these series. Hardly anyone watched the likes of Bakemonogatari, Steins Gate or that plucky indie anime outsider Madoka Magica.

  3. I’m actually pretty happy with this final four. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, which is probably my least favorite of the bunch, and which I have ripped in the past, isn’t even all that horribly bad. Or, put another way, the only song it eliminated that I was particularly invested in was Rise.

    Also terribly amused that for some reason, the belief that a song cannot be both catchy and good persists.

  4. Bracket update….

    So the only person who escapes the QF intact is the person with already the most points. Nobody else even had 3 of their final 4 picks.

    It’s kind of silly but this is kind of amazing. Because it isn’t just based on bracket numbering.

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