Round 3 Logistics and a Burning Question on Your Anime Music Discoveries

Before we take care of things, Bracket Pedro Polls will close in 24 hours, so get your votes in by then. Once it does, Round 2 will have come to a close.

So with that in mind, polls for Round 3 will open on Monday, October 28. Now that we’ve gone through 2 rounds, the theory is that everyone who has stayed up to date with the tourney thus far has become really familiar with the music. At least, that’s what I’d hope for. Because of that, voting will will move at a much faster pace and polls will only be open for 3 days and will remain that way for the remainder of the tournament. We’ll still be posting 4 polls each day, which means these rounds are going to go by pretty quickly and it behooves you to be even more on top of things than you’ve already been.

And with that bit of serious business over with, I’d like to throw this question out there: What new songs/artists or songs you’ve re-discovered have caught your attention as a result of this tourney? The secondary goal of this tourney is to introduce people to stuff they might not otherwise have heard after all.

For me, not catching up on the Rebuild of Evangelion meant missing out on Utada Hikaru’s work. With this tournament, it means “Sakura Nagashi’s” gotten a chance to worm its way into my consciousness. In terms of rediscoveries, “Mizu no Madoromi” certainly qualifies and it just slipped my mind just how wonderful of a ballad that is. And, finally, who can forget the impact that “Odin” has had upon us all. Might still be the song that’s garnered the most outpouring of praise even if it fell out of the first round!

24 thoughts on “Round 3 Logistics and a Burning Question on Your Anime Music Discoveries

  1. I still think that everyone is completely crazy for latching on to Odin, but that’s probably just me. “Vidro Moyou” and “Allegro Cantabile” convinced me to finally check out their respective series. “Futari shizuka” and “Poltergeist” are also honorable mentions in my book. Didn’t really have any rediscoveries, though.

  2. It got me listening to a bit more KOKIA and Maaya Sakamoto. And despite omo’s strong dislike of Resuscitated Hope, I find myself quite liking it :p

    Also Sakura Nagashi rules. Yeah.

    • It’s gotta be KOKIA and Maaya Sakamoto for me too. I’ve added them both onto my “favourite people” list on my MAL profile 😀 I’m gutted so many great KOKIA songs exited first round 😦

  3. Search for Odin is the biggest winner of this tourney already for me, based on how much extra exposure it got, and the overall surprise it elicited.

    Odin aside, my most significant discoveries for the tourney as listed below
    One Winged Icarus (the better Sakakibara song of the tourney)
    See VisionS (most balanced I’ve song I’ve heard w)
    Date a Live (gotta give it to the chorus)
    Hybrid Rainbow (yeah, stone me you FLCL people)
    Mizu no Madoromi (Ryou x Origa = insane awesome)

    Best rediscoveries:
    All the Arai Akino stuff
    Futari Shizuka
    Brave Song (kinda wish the GSG2 Tada Aoi ED was in but)
    the Nichijou OPs (far more fun than I would admit to)

  4. Some stuff I didn’t know before and really enjoyed (besides Odin of course!).
    Prologue, Twilight -DAICON
    БРАТЬЯ (Brothers)-FMA
    Canta per me -Noir
    Hiru no Tsuki- Outlaw Star

    Thanks for the knowledge.

  5. For me, it’s just Odin. I’ve heard of Resuscitated Hope before and it’s a song I wouldn’t have given a second thought except for all these random people who like it. And now I will always hate it forever because it seems to always attract the kind of people I shake my head at and voting against clearly better songs. Thanks guys!

    I learned about more songs from farming the nomination data than the tournament itself. Actually I learned more about new songs when I was putting together the songpack that only has a single #1 nomination, than any other activity for the tournament. In a lot of ways I feel the rest of the tournament was kind of irritating because I already am familiar with the far majority of the entries, and I know what got left out is simply way more interesting than the bulk of the Kanno or Kajiura songs that didn’t make it through round one. Or all 3 FMA songs. Or the nth Hikaru Utada remixes, ie., the things I learn has more to do with how shitty people’s tastes are in general and how ignorant people are with what’s out there musically.

  6. There have been a handful of new discoveries. Lots of realizations about songs I had kind of heard (Oh, that was by so and so? Cool, I should probably pay attention more!)

    One song in particular that has become a large part of my life over the course of this tournament is Never from Kaiba. And it makes me physically ill to see it lose to only my railgun.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that a majority of voters vote based on which song has the higher BPM, which is the only possible reason half of the ARIA songs have lost out. This tournament made sense at first. I don’t know where all the retards came from (Seriously that guy going on about Making of a Cyborg FOREGOING TRADITIONAL LISTENABILITY what on Earth)

    Still I’m glad to have this playlist, and it’s still (morbidly) fun to follow along. Thank you random voters for making me want to throw up daily.

    • Congratulations. You win the prize for the most patronizing post of the tournament. God forbid someone might have different taste in music from you. Ever considered the fact that many out there might not share your high opinion on ARIA? Because lets face it, some of those songs might as well be playing on an elevator in some Japanese mall.

    • I love, love, love Never from Kaiba (the same singer of Never did the ending to Kaiba as well, you should check it out if you haven’t already) but I was frankly surprised to see it win it’s first round match. People, myself included, have a harder time voting for something they have little familiarity with or attachment to and Kaiba was passed over by just about everyone back when it aired in 2008.

      Listening to Never makes me want to rewatch Kaiba for a fourth time.

  7. Some good new discoveries were the Aria soundtracks, The Tatami Galaxy soundtrack, and Forces.

    On a negative note, I’ve also discovered 〜花〜 A Last Flower and been instantly baffled why so many people seem to like it.

  8. I discovered a total of forty new songs to put on my playlist, this has been a hugely beneficial exercise, even if you are all philistines who made OS-Uchuujin lose in the first round.

    Lots of my favorite new songs are eliminated at this point, actually. Yakusoku wa Iranai, The Everlasting Guilty Crown, and 19sai all deserved to make the top 64.

  9. The Light Before We Land and Anna ni Issho Datta no ni are probably the only song I truly had no knowledge about whatsoever. (I’m a little embarrassed about that second one as I’m actually a big fan of Ishikawa Chiaki.) My favorite rediscovery was Space Lion from Cowboy Bebop. I went through a phase like everyone where I listened to Cowboy Bebop OSTs but at the time it was mainly shit like Cats on Mars and Green Bird that caught my attention. So it was nice to reconnect with that.

  10. One Winged Icarus (the better Sakakibara song of the tourney)
    See VisionS (most balanced I’ve song I’ve heard w)

    I know, right? And surprised at some of the songs chosen, and I’m glad that those songs got waffle-stomped like they should have been.

    I’m probably going to check out Aquarion EVOL because of the songs used in this tourney. And I’m also a little tempted to check out Mawaru Penguindrum even more after liking the openings and 80s song covers there.

  11. Discoveries?
    →Search for Odin. The Light before We Land. Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete. Forces. Kiseki no Umi.
    →So happy to see a couple of Detective Conan songs in pre-tournament. But not my favorites though.
    →I see tons of songs from anime that are currently aired or recently ended. I do like some of them, I admit, but…oh well, people have different tastes in music.

    →Futari Shizuka (I remember liking this in the anime.)
    →Mizu no Madoromi (I did watch the anime but forgot this until this tourney. I didn’t even know Origa did this song too.)

  12. I really liked that little tournament. It was enjoyable to listen to all the song and vote for my favorite. Most of the time I would pick 1 I like and suddenly realize that … Most people voted for the other song which was sooo less good that the one I just voted. Why did they do that ? don’t they have taste hahah! Guess I’m different from other people in my choice of music heheh!
    I am an anime fan, but I do not watch too much anime so most of these songs were new to me. Because of this, I think that I was a partial judge, not voting for my favorite anime, but voting for the quality and my appreciation of the song.
    Even thought I listened to allmost all song from the beginning of the tournament, I enjoyed re-listening them all at each of the pools.

    I discovered a lot of songs but only a few hit me deep to the heart.
    One of those was Byakuya ~True Light~. I really really like it, and started signing it a lot at home after some time. This song stuck in my head the first time I listened to it and stayed there. It’s a little disapointing that this song was stopped at the beginning of the tournament, but I am still very happy to have discovered it. For me, when I will remember this tournament, this is the song that I will be remembering.
    Another song that I discovered was Gekkou Symphonia from AKINO. This song was magical.
    I was also really surprised by Monochrome ~version de l’apprivoiser~ . This one is going to be in my favorite list like the 2 others.

    Some of my favorites songs were already in the list like Resuscitated Hope, Again, Voices, ~Inori~ You raise me up, Musouka and some others. They were enjoyable, but the excitement of them did not compare to the new songs that I discovered in this tournament.

    I feel a little bad that I could not supply my favorite songs at the beginning of the tournament (planning to do it later.. and then it was to late). I wonder if it would be feasible to do another tournament next year, by blacklisting every songs of this tournament and only accepting new songs ? We did not have of jpop/anisong best song. The ought to be other songs to discover right ? Let’s see if the admin has some free time to do this later.

    The remaining rounds will be really hard. I will most likely have to decide which of my favorite songs I love the much, or even harder : I will have to decide which between 1 of my favorite song and a new song that I did not know before the tournament, but is still feaking good, which is the best…
    It took me sooo much time to decide when it was Akatsuki no Kuruma vs Voicies – I really don’t know what I am going to do with the end of the tournament. The beginning was usually easy to vote, but that won’t be the case soon.
    Let’s see how this tournament ends !

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