Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

Note: Bracket L Polls 5-8 close in exactly 24 hours.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Aria the Animation – Rainbow

Track 2: Digimon Adventure – Butter-fly

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Ghost in the Shell – Making of a Cyborg

Track 2: Detroit Metal City – Satsugai

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Clannad – Dango Daikazoku

Track 2: Bakuretsu Hunters – Mask

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Tatami Galaxy – Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat

Track 2: Sword Art Online – Innocence

9 thoughts on “Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

  1. Krauser-san will come and torture me for this, but Kenji Kawai’s “Making of a Cyborg” is pretty special. Still remember seeing Ghost in the Shell all those years ago and watching the sequence were this was playing thinking “Your move Hollywood”

    • Satsugai is an interesting piece. I guess the fact that it survives the translation from concept in a gag manga to an actual piece of music is noteworthy. But yeah, no one would fault you for going with Kawai. He’s awfully underrepresented in anime music fandom in general anyway.

  2. The first and third matchup here seem representative of the generational shift that is happening in anime fandom. The turnover rate for this scene was always pretty high, so it’s not a surprise that people would prefer a song from a show in the past 10 years. But that didn’t always translate to anime music nerds per se. So it will be kind of interesting to see how things turn out. Imagine if you were born when Bakuretsu Hunters was on TV, you would have graduated high school this year or last year. It’s not like the usual old school big names that stay around in fandom throughout the years; these were trashy TV anime that are on par with the trashy TV anime today, except since there were far fewer back then when one gets hot, everyone knows about it.

    I mean, just how much lasting power is SAO? Or its music? Will the Kajiura brand have any pull in another 15 years? I guess Kawai and Kanno do, so maybe yes.

    It’s also good to consider how Butter-fly, a more widely exposed song than Mask, is still struggling against something that is basically modern otaku music. Rainbow sheds the childish pep for cool bro feel with laid back acoustic guitars, from a show where the music is as threatening as the girls in front of it. Dango Daikazoku is really just a more entrenched but mainstream-appealing version of the same Eastern sap, except this 00s piece (which has its roots as early as 2004, if you think about it) actually reached peak popularity in English-speaking regions only in the past few years.

    As of this writing, all four polls are about 10 to 15 votes one and the other (except Satsugai, because lol). Which really strongly reflect the innate bias and set ways of people. If recency bias is a thing, I think a big factor behind it is simply the way how people are programmed and that comes out in a set way.

    • I voted for butter-fly and was disappointed to see it was losing. The other song is fine, but I quite liked butter-fly.
      Dango Daikazoku was a song I was not familiar with before the tournament (I’m horrible, I know). It came up randomly when I was listening to the top 256 playlist and it caught my attention. I get sucked into these kinds of songs, for whatever reason. Simple but haunting melodies I guess.
      Also glad to see Tatami Galaxy winning, though personally I preferred the ED to the OP.

    • Kajiura may not be Yoko Kanno, but she’s been composing for anime for over ten years now and was making music with See-Saw even before that, so I don’t think she’s really the flash in the pan you’re implying or that she deserves to be lumped in with the Aria soundtracks and Dango Daikazokus of the world. I don’t always like her stuff–her vocal tracks in particular can get a bit samey–but I do think she has legitimate talent.

      It’s true that a lot of the stuff that’s doing well is kind of disposable Generic ’00s/’10s Anime Music, and it’s sad when songs like that win out over tracks that are more unique and interesting but less well-known, but I can’t get worked up about the defeat of something like Mask, a Generic ’90s Anison whose nomination was probably driven as much by nostalgia as Dango Daikazoku’s was by faddish popularity. Which I guess was part of your point, that with anime/anison fans becoming more decentralized, as it were, the nostalgia thing doesn’t get you quite as far and there’s not as much clustering around the small handful of available shows (regardless of quality)?

      • I’m well aware of Kajiura’s writing as far as anime goes, but her popularity didn’t really take off until she started these FictionJunction projects. It’s not really about talent but about name recognition and association, and it’s pretty clear that she didn’t get much until she worked for it specifically.

        Which is kind of my point. It’s more about recognition, brand, exposure, and all that stuff, than uniqueness or disposability whatever.

        • I was under the impression she already had quite a cult following after composing the soundtrack to “Noir” then .hack anime later on.

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