Bracket Fate Polls Have Closed

The following songs move on to the next round:

Shinsekai Yori – Wareta Ringo, which will face off against Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 – Beautiful World

Macross Plus – Voices, which will face off against Mobile Suit Gundam SEED – Akatsuki no Kuruma

Wolf’s Rain – Gravity, which will face off against Darker than Black – HOWLING

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Inner Universe, which will face off against Aria the Natural – Natsu Machi

zzeroparticle is 6 for 8 as far as this bracket is concerned in the omo challenge. Know Odin, know awesomeness. No Odin, no awesomeness. 😦

3 thoughts on “Bracket Fate Polls Have Closed


    Alas, Poor Odin! I knew him well: a song
    of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: it hath
    borne me on its back a thousand times; and now, how
    abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at
    it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know
    not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your
    gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment,
    that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one
    now, to mock your own grinning? quite chap-fallen?

  2. Ah peeps, we fought a good fight. We battled the masses; we ran against the tide. We held our heads high against the storm and laughed in the face of mediocrity.
    So the whirlwind of public opinion was too strong, I say, ‘So What?’. There is no more Searching for Odin, my loves… for he/she/it has already been found… in our hearts.

    I cannot live/leave without youuuuu…

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