Bracket Fate – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

Note: Bracket D Polls 5-8 close in exactly 22 hours. (Sorry for the slight delay)

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Shinsekai Yori – Wareta Ringo

Track 2: Yumekui Merry – Daydream Syndrome

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 – Beautiful World

Track 2: Cross Game – Koi Kogarete Mita Yume

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Macross Plus – Voices

Track 2: Fate/Zero – Memoria

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Fate/Zero – Manten

Track 2: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED – Akatsuki no Kuruma

16 thoughts on “Bracket Fate – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

  1. Going with Daydream Syndrome though its average as the over use of the stuttering and a clash between the electric and acoustic guitars at one point in the song kills Wareta Ringo for me.

    For a short while i was wondering why Beautiful World sounded unpolished, then i noticed it was the remix for 2.0. After hearing the first few seconds of the vocal for Koi Kogarete Mita Yume, i was thinking that i have heard this singer before. A short google check and yep, its Ayaka. Koi Kogarete Mita Yume isn’t bad at all even though its not in the league of her songs I Believe and Mikazuki but with the remix reducing the strength of Hikki’s song vs Ayaka, have to go with Koi Kogarete Mita Yume

    I always liked the start of Voices where its simply the vocal singing before the instruments enter, similar to Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse and the bird chirping is a nice non obstructive touch. Memoria is quite a nice song but having the drums take center stage reduced the impact of the violins and piano, IMO, it would have been better reversed with the drums lowered slightly to allow the other instruments to be at the forefront. Due to that, have to go with Voices but really both are good songs

    Manten is one song that really makes following this tournament worthwhile. Since i never watched much of the season 2 of fate zero, i never heard the song until the tournament. The start announces that it will be a song about tragedy and the music seems to make it sound like its something already in the past and even though the violin segments imply that effort was put in, it wasn’t enough and a significant failure occured. In contrast, Akatsuki no Kuruma is also a very nice song especially when it drops the tempo change from a soothing folkish tune to one stronger. The high notes tend to sound messy in a few places and there’s some sort of static (?) in the later parts. These 2 are the hardest choice in the poll but i have to go with Manten because its stronger emotively and the final note for Akatsuki no Kuruma was kind of abrupt in a bad way

      • When I first saw Yumeku Merry I thought “hey maybe that IOSYS ED made it” but nope!

        It’s been kind of like that over the course of this tournament so far–seeing how people put songs in the race that are songs that I totally dismiss, and songs I think that are good that gets left without much or any mention.

      • After a bit of google and snooping around i figured out how to embed the polls.
        For reference:
        use , where pollID is the poll’s id number. Use devtools or view page source to find the poll’s id, it’s a seven digit number that constitutes the name of the javascript responsible for generating the poll. For example 7329519.js makes the first poll of this post, so to embed it just use

        and the poll will pop up.

        • ah. didn’t realize the comments section interpreted the embed tags.
          use *square bracket* polldaddy poll=pollID *square bracket*
          for example *square bracket* polldaddy poll=7329519 *square bracket*
          Square bracket referring to ] and [

  2. ZOMG Kajiura vs. Kajiura! I haven’t really listened to Manten since Fate/Zero ended, but it is a pretty good song, and I love almost everything this woman does. Still, picking Akatsuki no Kuruma over Manten was one of the easiest choices I’ve had so far. Akatsuki no Kuruma never fails to bring a tear to my eye, and to this day I still consider it one of Ms. Kajiura’s finest pieces. I’ll be supporting it all the way.

  3. Huh. After embedding the polls in my own post poll daddy lets me vote again (after voting on this site), and counts my vote. I suppose that’s a potential security vulnerability

  4. I quite like Wareta Ringo. It’s one of the few anime songs I’ve listened to over and over again in recent history. It is somewhat bland divorced of the excellent imagery of the ED but for me the primary redeemer and what makes this song great is the lyrics. A lot of times the lyrics of anime songs can be almost completely ignored but I feel Wareta Ringo is telling a different story about things that are beautiful but fleeting. Here’s a transcript of the lyrics:
    I haven’t quite finished the series yet but when I saw these lyrics I felt they fit Shinsekai Yori’s mood to a T.

    Beautiful World vs. Koi Kogarete was quite hard for me as well. I really prefer this version of Beautiful World to the other one in the competition. The acoustic guitar gives it a rawer, more genuine sound than the original. But I also put Koi Kogarete on my ballot and I really love it. I think Ayaka absolutely sells the crap out of the emotions in the song. So I went with Koi Kogarete even though I fully expect beautiful world to come out on top.

    The last two were easy for me. I love Arai Akino and I love Akatsuki no Kuruma.

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