Bracket Dio – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

Note: Bracket B Polls 5-8 close in exactly 24 hours.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Steins;Gate – Hacking to the Gate

Track 2: xxxHOLiC – 19sai

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Cowboy Bebop – Call Me Call Me

Track 2: Record of the Lodoss War – Kiseki no Umi

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Haibane Renmei – Free Bird

Track 2: Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Gotta Knock a Little Harder

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: K-ON! – Don’t say ‘lazy’

Track 2: Hataraku Maou-Sama – Zero!!

17 thoughts on “Bracket Dio – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

  1. I love me some Steins;Gate, but how the OP got so high in the rankings is baffling. It’s a really bland OP while 19sai is, like almost all of the XXXHolic songs, pretty great. I really hope 19sai pulls off an upset.

    Bebop vote in the other two. Felt bad voting against Free Bird, but all Bebop movie just hits a nerve for me. I think Call Me may be my favourite song in the entire tourney.

    And then, finally, I did the unthinkable and voted for a K-ON song.

  2. Suga Shikao has some great vocals but I like Itou Kanako’s energy.

    Full disclosure: I dislike most of Cowboy Bebop’s non-instrumental music. Call Me Call Me is no exception. Meanwhile Kiseki no Umi is one of my favorite Maaya Sakamoto songs. It has an epic feel that I greatly enjoy.

    Free Bird is a no duh for me based on what I said above. I could write a long piece about Free Bird like I did with the last batch but I’ll refrain.

    K-On is an easy winner as well.

  3. It’s almost criminal that “Call Me, Call Me” and “Kiseki no Uni” have to face off so early in the competition. Those are 2 absolute classics.

    Can’t we just have them face the K-On and Hataraku songs so they can both go on?

  4. Hacking to the Gate is the only part of Steins; Gate that is that should never be touched by hype backlash, although I like the visuals of the OP more then the song. Also, Maou-sama? Really?

    • Seriously. I’m actually annoyed that people weren’t willing to dig through Minami Kuribayashi’s repertoire to find an actual good track. The fact that “Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line” never made it in leaves me thinking this tourney’s a complete travesty… if I weren’t running it, of course. :3

  5. Checking the actual nomination ballots, Hacking to the Gate got a whopping 9 1st place votes, by far the most of any song in the tourney. It’s fine and all and probably deserving of a spot in this tourney more than a lot of others in it, but seriously, 9 folks couldn’t think of a better song than Hacking to the Gate?

  6. It’ll never be in my all time favourite tracks, but I still think ‘Hacking the Gate’s a great song and its popularity doesn’t seem too surprising. Boo and hiss to all you Negative Nancys! Also, pairing it with 19sai seems something of a mismatch.

    I ended voting against both Bebop tracks, merely due to enjoying the alternatives more. Putting Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door against Free Bird feels especially cruel, although that could be bias from pitting one of my favourite songs from my all-time favourite anime ost against such a behemoth. Hopefully there are more Haibane Renmei fans out there that will put up a decent fight against it.

    Also, Hataraku Maou-sama? What? I mean, we all know the recency bias found in most aspects of anime, but it’s slightly eye-opening to see enough people consider Zero!! in their top 10 all-time favourite tracks to put it in the tourney. Well, congrats Don’t Say Lazy, you’ve wrestled a vote from me.

    • Free Bird against Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door does seem especially cruel. I can see this is going to be a brutal tournament! However, I love Free Bird, and it got my vote. Maybe there are enough of us Hanenone fans out there to pull this one off.

  7. godspeed 19sai that hacking to the gate song is trash

    i don’t really care for most of the songs this time, but I was surprised K-On was doing so well. The only K-On OP/ED I actually enjoy is nowhere to be seen in this tournament ;_;

  8. This round was pretty much nothing but really easy choices for me. Don’t Say “Lazy” and 19sai both got my vote because the songs they’re up against are kinda garbage or at least not memorable at all. Also, the Cowboy Bebop songs just sorta outclass their competition in every way, in my opinion.

  9. I agree with the majority on Hacking to the Gate. The other song was way more interesting and got my vote.

    The second two polls were really tough. I love Call Me Call Me and I didn’t know the other song, but it turned out to be really awesome too. In the end Call Me Call me won out, but I’ll definitely be adding Kiseki no Umi to my rotation.

    The third poll was the hardest yet. CB again and my beloved Haibane Renmei. So cruel! I’m sorry fathomlessblue, I have failed you.

    The last two were both pretty meh.

  10. 19sai is really mediocre, so went with hacking to the gate which is at least more interesting.

    Would have preferred to vote for Lodoss War but its song really isn’t any good so went with Call Me Call Me

    Free Bird doesn’t have any vocals on the stream but found it on youtube with vocals Frankly the vocals didn’t add to it. Between it and Gotta Knock a Little Harder, going with Free Bird as the electric guitar is distracting in the latter

    The last 2 were the hardest in the poll. Found myself going with Zero despite liking Don’t be Lazy

  11. Voted for Free Bird. That is a wonderful song that I heard for the first time now and I just had to vote it over that Bebop song since it was that impressive. I hope to see it make it through this round.
    I almost wonder how the other xxxHOLiC OPs would’ve done against S;G’s OP, especially Nobody Knows from Kei and Sofa from Shunmuki since those were much better than 19sai. Still, dunno if any of them would’ve beat out Hacking to the Gate.

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