Bracket Charlotte – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

Note: Bracket A Polls 5-8 close in exactly 24 hours.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Clannad After Story – Toki wo Kizamu Uta

Track 2: Gankutsuou – You Won’t See Me Coming

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Samurai Champloo – Shiki no Uta

Track 2: Polar Bear Cafe – Boku ni Invitation

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Gunslinger Girl – The Light Before We Land

Track 2: Ghost Hound – Poltergeist

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: K-ON!! – No, Thank You!

Track 2: Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Katayoku no Tori

18 thoughts on “Bracket Charlotte – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

  1. This poll was great! Although, I do not get why “You Won’t See Me Coming” is losing. The Samurai Champloo song is a sure shot winner. Umineko is also passable.

  2. Disclaimer: I’m a shitty anime fans since almost all the anime listed here I haven’t watched. Except Polar Bear Cafe, but even then I dropped it for Reasons.

    “You Won’t See Me Coming” feels a bit like one of Arctic Monkey’s songs, which I like. Going up against “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” is a hard match up for me. In the end, I went with female vocals. 😐 Wish I can vote both.

    “Shiki no Uta” > “Boku no invitation”

    Argh, another hard matchup for me. Another one that I wish I can vote for both. Went with Poltergeist.

    Surprisingly enjoyed “No, Thank You” but still can’t beat random chanting.

    That’s all for my bad opinions.

  3. I wonder sometimes: Do people really vote for songs as such or are they just going after having their favourite series up there?

  4. Toki wo Kizamu Uta’s melody is nice though the vocal doesn’t blend that well except at the high points. A warmer vocal for most of the tune would be better such as how she sang the start of my soul, your beats. Still i find it much better than You Won’t See Me Coming

    Shiki no Uta’s not bad but sounds like a club performance. Listenable but no oomph. Boku ni Invitation somehow resonates with me even though i’m normally not too fond of robotic effects added to the vocal portions. A hard choice, the hardest in this particular poll but went with Shiki no Uta

    The Light Before We Land doesn’t stick with me with parts of it having the drums fighting with the guitar, effects and electric organ. Poltergeist is so so but at least doesn’t have clashes among its instruments. Poltergeist it is.

    No Thank You is ok but isn’t as memorable as Don’t be Lazy but Katayoku no Tori has too many chaotic parts interfering with its flow so No Thank You wins it

  5. Toki wo Kizamu no Uta vs. You Won’t See Me Coming is one of the first match-ups where I’m totally fine with either one winning. I went with the former, though, because it’s just a lot more memorable to me.

    I can see why people like Boku ni Invititation, but there is just something about it that’s super annoying to me. Additionally, Shiki no Uta is one of my favorite ending songs, so it never stood a chance. Shiki no Uta manages to be this super chill song, thanks to that groove the simple guitar riff sets, while also having an incredible drive to it, due to Minmi’s building vocals throughout the song.

    Poltergeist is definitely one of the best new songs I’ve listened to while going through all the entries. The melody for it isn’t all that great, but the groove those goddamn drums set is so great that it makes the song stick with me so much more than The Light Before We Land.

    Among K-on!’s entries, No Thank You is probably the song that I’m the most ok with; I think that may be a result of liking nakinyko’s mash-up with it, Regulators, and Dango Daikazoku, though. However, Katayoku no Tori got the vote from me because the chorus still managed to send chills down my spine after all these years.

  6. Wow, this is the first time I haven’t seen any of the anime in the polls.
    Ah well, it’s better this way, since I won’t be affected by nostalgia-goggles, right?
    Chose Gankutsuou since it’s losing; don’t feel anything about either song.
    I liked the Samurai Champloo song better than the other, and the last choice was pretty easy, since I couldn’t stand No, Thank You!
    The hardest part was between Gunslinger Girl and Ghost Hound. I liked both songs almost equally, since they give me a fuzzy feeling inside. In the end I voted for Ghost Hound since I’m a sucker for good bass. A little surprised it’s on the losing side, though.
    And like megaroad1 said a little higher, I think most people are voting on the anime rather than the song, which is sad. 😦
    I kinda wish I didn’t know any of the songs all the time, since that’d help to be unbiased.

    • I agree that it’s kinda lame that people are probably voting based more on the show than the actual song; however, whether it’s the recency bias, preferring certain genres over others, or just liking the sound of one vocalist over the other, a bias is gonna show its face eventually. That aside, I think the only time your opinion on a show should come into this matter is when the two songs are on an equal level of quality to you. It’s probably alright to play favorites at that point.

      • The point of this exercise is just about favorites anyway. Vote what you like.

        Then say “my favorites are better than your favorites” :smug:

  7. The only song I have a horse in this bracket is “No Thank You.” I want to see it move on but I realize it is up against something people have emotional attachments with. It’s kind of like I have the opposite problem–K-ON is a story about music, and being an anison nerd after all these years, these glammy theme songs (and as someone who is old enough to participate in the music culture in the early 90s) are extra special to me. So no amount of 07th Expansion does anything for me in this case, especially when the two songs aren’t even in the same genre.

    That said so far in the tournament there were maybe only a couple songs that I actively have problems with, so generally speaking I’m pretty happy about how things are going. Whoever matched up Poltergeist with Light Before We Land is lols.

  8. “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” vs “You Won’t See Me Coming”: I disliked Clannad AS, and Gankutsuou is one of my favourite anime, so I would love to get rid of the Clannad AS song. Listening to them side by side however, I found I couldn’t do it with a clean conscience. I quite like the melody of “Toki wo Kizamu Uta”, and also the way it drifts into various moods over the duration of the song. As for “You Won’t See Me Coming”, it made for an awesome ending to Gankutsuou, but listening to the full version by itself though, I found it a little repetitive and got tired of it quite quickly. The shorter TV version worked better, and experiencing it exploding into life straight after the anime dropped a cliff hanger (which it did nearly every episode) worked better. So I went with Clannad AS in the end.

    “Samurai Champloo” was a bundle of fun, but its ED is rather forgettable for me. Maybe it’s because it has a R&B kind of feel to it, and I’m not a fan of R&B. On the other hand, Polar Bear Cafe was a bore of a show, but I find the song fun and catchy. It reminds me of all those europop songs that were big across Europe in the late 90s/early 00s. People either loved or loathed them. I quite liked them personally, so the Polar Bear Cafe song was an easy choice to make.

    The Gunslinger Girl OP vs the Ghosthound OP is the most interesting match here, because both songs are rather different from your average anime song. The beginning of the Gunslinger Song promised much, but while it was good, I don’t think it quite managed to fulfill its initial promise. I enjoyed the Ghosthound OP too, despite it being quite weird. But I think my lack of appreication for jazz and limiting my enjoyment somewhat. Went for Gunslinger Girl in the end. Actually I have a big gripe related to this. While “The Light Before We Land” did quite well in the nominations, the same band (The Delgados) also did another song which was used as a Gunslinger Girl insert song – “Woke From Dreaming”, and I consider that song to be far superior … yet no one else nominated it! Maybe this is because it was only played once, for about 10 seconds. But I’m curious, do people really think “Light Before We Land” is so much better than this song?

    Anyway, onto the last match up. The K-On song really caught my attention with its delicate opening… and then it descended into a typically unremarkable K-On song. So I voted for the other song, which was more interesting.

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