Bracket Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Round 1 – Polls 5-8

Note: Bracket A Polls 1-4 close in exactly 24 hours.

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Mawaru Penguindrum – Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere

Track 2: Mirai Nikki – Kuusou Mesorogiwi

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Tsuritama – Tsurezure Monochrome

Track 2: Mayo Chiki – Be Starters

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Code Geass – Colors

Track 2: FLCL – Hybrid Rainbow

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Aria the Natural – Euforia

Track 2: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – RE: I AM

14 thoughts on “Bracket Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Round 1 – Polls 5-8

  1. Penguindrum is flat. The diary wins this one.
    Crossdressing butlers have a more interesting melody than fishermen
    Eye power sounds idolish while No logic is ok
    Girls n boats is semi-sleepy so the giant white robot wins even though its start has its backing vocals and main vocals not meshing

  2. Oh man, Colors and Hybrid Rainbow, talk about total nostalgia bombs. The answer for me is obvious especially since Hybrid Rainbow is arguably the best song on the entire FLCL OST, but I still fondly remember that Code Geass OP from way back when.

  3. yowch all of my picks are losing this round. Hybrid Rainbow is a good song, but Colors is such a hype track, idk yall. Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere was an easy choice for me the mirai nikki track sounds generic as hell. The only gimme is tsurezure over be starters, but I don’t really like either of them, so whatever.


  4. Mawaru Penguindrum – Mirai Nikki (H-How is this one losing?)
    Tsuritama – Mayo Chiki
    Code Geass – FLCL (always loved Flow, sorry :<)
    Aria – Gundam (I actually quite like the Gundam one, but Euforia is a fantastic song)

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  6. Besides not being a die-hard devotee of Mawaru Penguindrum, Sōtaisei Riron, or Etsuko Yakushimaru my main problem with “Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere” is that it didn’t end at 3 minutes. Most of the second half of the song has nothing to do with the first and their is no lead up to it and no smooth transition between march part and the return of the original theme. While it is certainly interesting and may make sense if I knew how the lyrics were tied to each other; I’m not sure if it is also good. On the other hand I wasn’t a fan of either Mirai Nikki or this particular offering from Yousei Teikoku (would have preferred Baptize from Seikon no Qwaser).

    I don’t expect Be Starters or Tsurezure Monochrome to get very far. So whatever.

    Jibun Wo never actually grabbed me that much. I much prefer Days from Eureka Seven over this or even any of the R2 Ops. On the flipside I have no recollection of the other 2 Code Geass season 1 openings which stands as a testament to FLOW that this one became not only a memorable but also an amusing meme. Hybrid Rainbow is a great song but man I really wish Last Dinosaur, Funny Bunny, Blues Drive Monster, I think I can, or Little Busters had made it into this competition. I’m really not a big fan of the yelly parts.

    I really enjoy the dreamy feel of Euforia even if I’ve never been head over heels for Makino Yui’s voice this reminds me of a downbeat version of Kobato’s ED “Jellyfish’s Confession”. (Perhaps if I had seen Aria the influence would swing the other way) As for Aimer she’s got a great voice but i like the song best in it’s less rock parts.

  7. I enjoy Mesorogiwi a whole lot, despite how generic it is, but it having a lead over Shounen is definitely one of the most baffling results I’ve seen so far. Although I can agree that it doesn’t do a great job of transitioning into the second half, that second half is still enjoyable; I think it makes it way back to the chorus pretty smoothly, as well.

    I’m not a giant fan of Monochrome or Be Starters, but the former has a much more enjoyable feel to it than the other.

    I want to say that I’m surprised Colors is losing at the moment, but considering the popularity of FLCL, I guess it kinda makes sense. I still went with Colors, though, because, as novibouquets put it, it is a major hype track for me.

  8. The only songs I cared about in this round were Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere, COLORS, and Hybrid Rainbow. To be honest, I don’t think Shounen yo Ware ne Kaere is that great of a song, but I’m in love with Penguindrum, and I generally like Etsuko Yakushimaru. More importantly, I think it’s better than Kuusou Mesorogiwi (which is actually a pretty good song itself), even though the latter part is kind of out of nowhere, like Taka says.

    As for poll 3, I’m seriously surprised the pillows is beating out JIBUUUN WOOOO. From their showing in the last round, I figured the FLCL soundtrack has gone out of style, and that Hybrid Rainbow had no chance against something so catchy, hype-inducing, and memetic as COLORS. Personally? I voted for COLORS. As much as I love the pillows, I already voted for them in the last round, I think Hybrid Rainbow is not as good as One Life (an apparently unpopular opinion–so sue me), and I think the Code Geass OP is an awesome part of our culture.

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