Bracket Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Cowboy Bebop – Tank!

Track 2: Inuyasha – Shinjitsu no Uta

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Eureka 7 – Storywriter

Track 2: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – LEVEL5-judgelight-

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – Days of Dash

Track 2: FLCL – One Life

Vote for one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Revolutionary Girl Utena – Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku

Track 2: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – Fly Away

18 thoughts on “Bracket Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Round 1 – Polls 1-4

  1. First really hard decision for me to make so far, Utena’s Zetta Unmei Mokoshirokou vs. Panty & Stocking’s Fly Away. 2 memorable songs that can immediately be recognized and matched to their series . It’s a shame they had to be up against each other so soon and not against some of the more generic new J-pop stuff.

  2. Ahh this set of matches seems to provide much more variety than the other ones so far.

    I kind of feel sorry for Inuyasha song for going up against one of the most iconic anime OP of all time. I wonder if it’s gonna get much other than sympathy votes and anti-tank votes lol. While it’s stylistically interesting and by no means a bad song, I still voted for Tank even though I’m not into jazz.

    I love the stop-start beginning of story writer – it drives the anticipation off the charts, and the riff that follows really fulfills that anticipation. It’s a shame the rest of the song can’t quite live up to it and feels a little bland by comparison. Level 5-judgelight, by comparison, is much more consistent in its quality, but feels similar to a lot of other anime songs. Its above-average catchiness isn’t quite enough to distinguish it from the crowd. Voted for story writer for the sake of adding variety to the competition.

    Apart from Level 5-judgelight, Days of Dash is the only other song in this set of matches that sounds like a typical anime track to me, but this time the decision to vote for the other track is a lot easier. I loathed FLCL, and I don’t remember the music in it too well, but I had a very pleasant surprise listening to One Life. It has this nice nostalgic sound, the kind that gets played in a scene of someone recalling the days of their youth, and the vocals sounds a bit like Paul Heaton from The Beautiful South, a band that I like.

    I happen to be listening through the Utena soundtrack recently, and “Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku” is one of my least favourite songs from it. Unfortunately for me, it’s also one of the most used tracks in the anime. I ended up voting for it anyway though, because “Fly Away” just irritates me, so it can fly away from this competition as far as I’m concerned. As fast as possible, preferably.

  3. Never did see the attraction of tank!. It was like Go Go Maniac to me. Something you ignore until the anime started. Sad to say but the best song of this entire poll will probably exit the tournament since its going against Bebop’s OP.

    Storywriter’s start irritated me. After the song actually started flowing, it was ok as was Judgelight. Both are not really memorable for me.

    Same with days of dash and one life. One Life’s concert/radio style doesn’t add anything either, so went with days of dash.

    Neither song from Utena nor P&S is memorable as well. Just went with Utena simply because i have the anime cds

  4. There are a lot of songs here I listen to on this list too.

    Tank/DAI – This is not the best DAI song as they were really…listenable back in the days. Not a loss that they’d get voted out or anything, since this is more like an anison tournament and they aren’t really. Shameless cross-marketing is shameless, except when the bad is actually pretty good? Where as TANK is definitely not, either way 😉 I’ll probably vote Shijitsu no Uta just to go against my bracket on principle/for pity/because I miss Do As Infinity.

    Storywriter/LEVEL5 – Can someone explain to me why is the worst of the 3 Railgun(s) OPs get nominated? Well, worst is harsh, they’re all not too different I guess, but I highly prefer the first one. I don’t feel either way about Storywriter–I mean I didn’t think it was that great given all the other songs in Eureka 7, but it is responsible for exposing me to Supercar for the first time so that gets the vote.

    Days of Dash/One Life – I can remember One Life because I listened to it way too many times. Well, I probably listened to it live almost as many times as I listened to Days of Dash (full ver start to finish), so I can’t really judge One Life subjectively. I do like Days of Dash a lot though, so it’s a tough call for me. Konomi Suzuki definitely has promise…just now to get the production lined up behind the style that suits her best. It’s one of those cases where I would be happy to see either song advance…though honestly I can’t see either song get very far.

    Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku – I kind of like typing Mokushiroku so i might vote for it, but unlike the last pair I’m equally indifferent about both songs. Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku is basically the TANK (IRT irritability) of pretentious shoujo-style aesthetic lovers, and just like TANK, there are better versions of the same kind of thing from the same show! And those better tracks never get nominated for anything! Fly Away is pretty neat but without the (pole)dancing it’s just an unremarkable party track.

  5. Not really a jazz fan, but voting Tank! because the Do As Infinity singer’s voice bugs me a bit. Plus Tank! has a sax solo. Win.
    Storywriter edges out out LEVEL5-judgelight-. Not really a fripSide fan, but on the other hand Storywriter takes so long to get going.
    DAYS of DASH beats One Life ’cause it’s catchy and Konomin’s a great singer, while pillows man sounds bored.
    And Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku wins against Fly Away. Too electronic :-(. Although Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku just seems like a more boring version of Yousei Teikoku.

  6. Cowboy Bebop – Inuyasha (I’ve never loved Tank as much some do, but… it’s at least better than Inuyasha’s song)
    Eureka Seven – Railgun (pretty fantastic, just like the rest of E7’s soundtrack)
    Sakurasou – FLCL (it really makes me feel… happy and nostalgic, and that’s a good thing)
    Utena – Panty & Stocking (perhaps Utena works better in the anime, but it is as if it’s trying to be heavy and cool, despite only sounding old and bad)

  7. while the railgun OP is pretty much recycled refuse, I can understand it being tied with Storywriter, largely because Storywriter’s intro has nothing to do with the rest of the song and sounds pretty thrown in, and the rest of the song is possibly one of the most flat things I’ve ever heard. I voted for Storywriter only because I liked railgun less.

    I was surprised to see Shinjitsu doing somewhat well, considering it barely snuck in to the tournament. I actually really enjoyed that song. Tank is decent, I suppose. I was never really a big fan of it. I really can’t imagine Tank losing, though.

    Days of Dash v. One Life marks my first poll in which I have absolutely 0 interest in either song. Voted for One Life b/c it’s a few margins less generic than Days of Dash

    Fly Away seems like an obvious choice, I really have nothing pleasant to say about that Utena track.

  8. Oh man. I like the sound of Shinjitsu no Uta, and I’m a big fan of female vocals, but IT’S TANK! so…
    Hmm, both songwriter and judgelight seems boring to me in its own respective way. Too bad the start of songwriter is great, but the meat of the song is somewhat bland. Judgelight… eh I like my jpop faster and more aggressive. picking eureka 7 since i have a maybe-irrational hatred against indexverse.
    I have a feeling that I’d like One Life more if I put in the effort to learn Japanese. As it stands, picking it because Days of Dash came from pet no kanojo. And being a bit slower than what I like from the same genre.
    Can’t decide between the song from utena or PSG, as I don’t really like either, so I flipped a coin and voted PSG.

  9. 1. This was the only difficult choice for me in this set of songs. Having never seen Inuyasha before, ‘Shinjitsu no Uta’ is new to me, but I already love the vocals mixed with the classical eastern inspired riffs and rather chunky drumming in the chorus. ‘Tank’ is hardly my favorite example of jazz within an anime context; however on sheer technical merits I find it musically a far superior song, and the feeling from instant recognition is matched by few others out there. Ultimately, as much I wanted to support a much deserving underdog, I have to go with the big hitter.

    2 ‘LEVEL5-judgelight’ reminds me of the wealth of European techno/house music that appeared that appeared in the late 90’s and early 00’s: perfectly pleasant and catchy to listen, yet devoid of any real creativity and easily forgotten once the next wave of music appears. ‘Storywriter’ is a far more atmospheric and interesting piece of electronic with nice stop/start movements and solid drum beat.

    3 ‘Days of Dash’ had the misfortune of going up against The Pillows. Whelp.

    4 Despite all the praise, little of P&SG’s music has resonated with me outside of the show and ‘Fly Away’ doesn’t really generate any reaction one way or the other. Utena is probably the biggest title currently on my shame list, but even without seeing the series, everything about ‘Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku’ screams vote. Fun, overblown and completely unapologetic! I think this will be my first moment in the tourney where the rather transient nature of the fandom affects me personally. Well, it had to happen eventually.

    • You should be glad that you get to hear something new from Utena. It’s a 1997 show, so I’ve heard those dreaded chorus for over a decade and a half now… Of course, I’ve also seen the show and thus know why that song is so dreary orz. So many great songs from Utena why this one orz orz

  10. Short of blogging it on my side I figured I’ll drop a couple notes here for all’s benefit. All newbies at least hur hur.

    Supercar. Don’t really care if you vote for storywriter or not, but listen to this.

    The Pillows – First entry here in the tourny, but this weeaboo favorite is also the favorite of a lot of Japanese middle-aged women. Because these guys are true rockers from the 90s and early 00s. Sure, by 2013 standards there’s nothing special but man, they put on a good show. I think there are at least one more Pillows track in the tournament so I’ll save it then.

    • Two: Ride on Shooting Star and Hybrid Rainbow.

      Ride on Shooting Star is going up against Fate from Break Blade in round one. It is my favorite Kokia song in the competition and I absolutely love singing along to it. I have it getting all the way to the elite 8 because a man can dream. (it loses to Tsuki no Mayu). Hybrid Rainbow is meanwhile going up against Jibun Wooo! in the first round so screwed either way.

      My favorite pillows anisong Funny Bunny didn’t make it in. In fact I think I like almost every other song on the FLCL OSTs better than One Life. Is it a coincidence One Life didn’t make it onto the 3rd ost? hmmm?

  11. Wow I’m so glad the best of the 3 Railgun OPs got nominated! But seriously I do actually like the song better than Only My Railgun or Sisters Noise even though they are all 3 remarkably similar. I’m not even sure I can describe why because anything I could say about it like: more driving beat, better vocal flow, or better display of Nanjo Yoshino’s vocal talents could be argued about either of the 3 songs. On the fripside I am a big fan of E7 and Storywriter and have yet to come across a Nakamura Koji song that I have disliked; be it with Supercar, Lama, or as iLL.

    I’m really impressed with Konomi Suzuki’s vocal performance here. It’s got the same power and energy of someone like LiSA but without getting too shouty or screachy esp on the high notes. Also this is not one of my favorite pillows songs so I’m givin it to Days of Dash for vocal prowess and for reminding me of “Take the Wave” by Naifu the Golgo 13 OP.

    I really resent having to listen to Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku. For me it’s fucking Mawaru Penguindrum all over again. I don’t understand the show’s popularity just like I don’t understand Rock Over Japan’s or this song’s. But I know the answer to all three: Utena. I understand why Rock Over Japan was so popular now thanks to this song. This song is the definition of trying too hard. We’ve got a faux-metal back beat set to faux-opera vocals with faux-magical girl/battle theme melody. I have no particular love for Fly Away; I think it’s about 2 minutes too long and not even that good as a dance song, but I voted for it out of spite.

  12. Kind of surprised at the opinions expressed here. I thought Storywriter and the pillows would (and should) be obvious favorites, but they’re actually trailing their competition.

    I definitely like fripSide, but this particular OP sounded a bit too generic to me. If it had been “only my railgun”, maybe it would have won. Storywriter, on the other hand, has an awesome intro, and reminds me of fuckin’ sky-surfing giant robots.

    As for One Life, people seriously think it’s not one of the best tunes on here? Maybe it’s too “entry-level”.

    I voted for Tank!. I like Do As Infinity, but I think Tank! is a genuinely good tune (which seems to be a less popular opinion than I thought).

    As for the last matchup, they’re both very memorable insert songs that added a lot of flavor to their respective anime. However, I didn’t actually like Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku that much…it feels like it’s trying too hard, and doesn’t sound that good. FLY AWAY, on the other hand, plays into my EDM sensibilities. It’s not a great tune, and has too much in common with the commercial trash that passes for house music these days, but it’s certainly danceable, fun to listen to, and memorable (due to it’s placement in the anime).

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  14. Tank! winning was pretty obvious, so I voted for SnU just because I felt bad for it.
    I haven’t watched E7 nor Railgun, but the better song seems the former. I would probably listen to it sometime.
    Glad to see FLCL is in the lead.
    This last one REALLY surprised me. I just can’t understand how so many people would vote for that obnoxious song which I couldn’t stand listening to for more than 10 seconds, over something I couldn’t help singing along to every time it played.
    MOKUSHIKUSHIMOSHIMOKUKUMOSHIMOSHIKUSHIKUMO! <it took me waaaay too long to memorize that part 😛

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