The Animusic Tourney Bracketology and Some Shoutouts

As the track-scouring process slowly winds down and the tournament gets ready to kick off, the only thing possibly more fun than perusing 256 tracks and watching them butt heads against one another is predicting which song has the harder skull to withstand all that punishment.

With that idea of a tourney on top of a tourney, Omo’s gone ahead to bring unto you all the Animusic Tourney Prediction Challenge!

So between now and Sunday, July 28th, 18:00 UTC (better known to USians as 2PM EDT) you can submit your predictions on what song will win through here:

Per Omo who explains it all:

The scoring system is by a factor of two. A correct round 1 prediction scores 1 point, a correct round 2 prediction scores 2 points, round 3 scores 4 points, round 4 scores 8 points, etc (I think it goes like 2^(round number -1)).

To input your predictions, follow the link on top of the site about entering predictions, create an account if necessary, and drag-drop the choices you would like. If you have a question about a particular entry, your best bet is to google it if you have no clue, and then search for a video of it on youtube or some such. If not, leave a comment on twitter and I can probably help you.

This is mostly for fun and game and lulz, so there is a chance that the bracket input time frame may be extended to include more people. And winner might get a prize from me–this is something we’ll talk about later on once things are in full swing.

As a note for prizes, I can probably throw in the first two Macross Frontier OSTs (don’t ask why I somehow ended up with two copies of both. Let’s just say, memory and Book Off don’t mix).

Also, a shoutout to people who’ve dug through the nominations spreadsheet to come up with cool observations:

Lost My Thesis on one being the loneliest number. A rundown of top-slot songs that only got one vote.
Behind the Nihon Review on recency bias reflected in the nominations rolls.

7 thoughts on “The Animusic Tourney Bracketology and Some Shoutouts

  1. It also takes a while.

    Keep those entries in everyone. I’ll try to delay closing submissions as much as I can (but will still close before the tourney start).

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