Brackets Dio, Ein, Fate, Guts, Hanyuu Released

More brackets. More madness. But per the requests, you won’t have to worry about the seed numbers actually being shown when it comes time to vote.





Still procuring tracks through the interwebs. Expect torrent and download to be up sometime Saturday night.


5 thoughts on “Brackets Dio, Ein, Fate, Guts, Hanyuu Released

  1. Now Afro Gunsou will never win or even move forward ._.
    Also Magia vs Hito Toshite, are the competing songs deliberately chosen to have very different music styles/genres I wonder..

  2. I think Cruel Angel’s Thesis got the worst competition out of this group: Oboete Imasu ka, and God Knows are all from well-regarded anime and then Connect and Ready!! are from two heavily watched recent anime and will likely get a bump due to this. I will be upset if something doesn’t knock out Wareta Ringo (Inner Universe/Gravity) and Secret Base (Lion/Renai Circulation). Even though i quite like Wareta Ringo.

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