Quick Pretournament Update

A few things:

  • Stealth-updated the Preliminary Round post.  Due to a lot of industrious people peeking through the posted nominations spreadsheet, they were able to uncover quite a few errors that will change seedings and brought another track into the main competition.  The net result is that the Preliminary Round is going to be booting out not 1, not 2, but 3 tracks!  If you guys feel like getting angry, the track that managed to squeak into the tournament is none other than the acapella version of “Sousei no Aquarion” which joins luminaries Evangelion’s “Beautiful World” and Angel Beats’s “My Soul, Your Beats” for having different versions of the same song in the tourney. Hooray for democracy.
  • The tournament will most likely properly start next Sunday, July 28.  Right now, I’m going through the process of collecting tracks (and if you guys want to lend a hand, just comment below and I’ll share the necessary tools to make sure this goes smoothly).  The ambitious goal is to get everything uploaded sometime Friday, with a torrent and a DDL option out before the weekend hits.  Currently, we have 128 tracks gathered, so any assistance would be most welcome!
  • I’ll update with the brackets during the week since the 256 song selection will be finalized effectively tonight and you can see/moan/groan over what your favorite songs are up against.  And if you want to set up and play any sort of March-Madness betting thing, I guess you can do that too.

5 thoughts on “Quick Pretournament Update

  1. Interesting… Anime Music Tournament, without Hanaji? this thing will have as much credibility as the US government currently have.

    • Music is subjective. What you like may not be what others like. Hell if it was based purely on my opinion, i would be question why the hell tank is so much higher than blue. Both come from the same series.

      However i’m aware that i am not the dictator of everyone’s taste in music. If not, i would be very rich

    • I’m pretty sure we all have one or more songs we really like that did not make it into the tournament. That does not take away the credibility of it. It just means our taste in anime music is not that mainstream. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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