Nominations Data Dump

While the prelims are raging on (so vote for your least favorite track now!), there’s something that’s near and dear to my heart: stats. Everybody loves stats. Not everyone loves cleaning it up, but hey, someone’s got to do the dirty work. But once the data gets cleaned up, there’s a lot of valuable information to be had and some diamonds that emerge as a result.

One of the things I said I’d do is release the nominations and tabulations in all their glory, both in the form of RAW data and the form in which I’ve cleaned it up and made it a bit more presentable. I figure there’s enough of you stats wizards/data analysts out there who like to have a field day with this kind of stuff (anime music of all things?) and wouldn’t mind having the data handy to run whatever analyses suit your fancy. So without further ado:

Anime Music Tournament Nominations

I haven’t gone in to examine this data beyond a cursory analysis (mostly doing my damnedest to catch all of the duplicate entries. If I miss a few, just let me know somehow, some way). May this sheet validate your thoughts on how anime fans look at anime music or have it confirm your worst fears about recency bias and whatnot. Either way, have fun and feel free to share whatever findings emerge from this monster of a spreadsheet!

32 thoughts on “Nominations Data Dump

  1. Thank you for releasing these tables. I love stats too!

    In the Reconciliation Notes tab, the column with numbers (3rd column), is that the number of people who nominated that song? or what is it?

    • It’s the number of people who nominated that song if the counts are accurate. I’m sure that for 90% of the entries, that’s an accurate reflection. That tab was basically a scratchpad for when I reconciled the changes made using OpenRefine with my original data set.

  2. Thanks for releasing this. I tried to do some tactical nominating, so most of my list were obscure entries which I didn’t think many (if any) others would nominate. And I can now see the results of my efforts:
    – 3 successes (tracks I had a direct hand in helping through to the nomination stages)
    – 2 could-have-beens (tracks that would have made it if I placed them higher on my list)
    – 8 hopeless causes (tracks that wouldn’t have made it however high I placed them)
    – 2 “wasted” nominations (tracks that would have made it even if I didn’t have them on my list)

    How did others get on? 😀

    • I just voted my honest preferences like a chump:
      – 6 hopeless
      – 2 could-have-beens
      – 7 wasted
      So things would have been the same (except for seeding) if I hadn’t bothered voting. On the other hand, more of my nominations made it into the tournament than yours, so that’s something.

    • My counts–
      Hopeless causes: 5
      “wasted”: 5
      successes: 4
      could-have beens: 1

      Just want to say that “wasted” is not exactly true (even with quotes) because I think it this tournament may be seeded by nominations? Also sucks when the wasted slots are all the high value ones…

      • Yep, it’s not really “wasted”, since those votes gives the songs a better chance of progressing in the competition, which is why I put it in quote marks. I was mostly concerned with getting songs to the elimination stages though. Your ratio looks pretty good with 4 successes and only 1 could have been. Not too much to regret there 😀

      • I think I’ve spotted an error as well. There are 2 entries for Beautiful World (Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0) but the song plays during the credits of the 2.0 film only.

        • Via ANN:
          “Beautiful World” by Hikaru Utada for Evangelion 1.0
          “Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix-” by Hikaru Utada for Evangelion 2.0 (which is what I assume people are nominating when they put the 2.0 version.)
          Let me know because.. uh… I’ve been lax in this whole Evangelion business.

        • I guess I stand corrected. The two songs are pretty similar though. I went back and listened to em. So I hope you all enjoy listening to two different versions of the same song (one with a slight synthesizer and one with slight acoustic guitar). *Sigh*

  3. This is a painful comment for me to write: Going by the paradigm set up by Keke
    -2 Successes
    -4 Could have Beens
    -3 Lost Causes
    -6 Wasted Votes

    But more than I am upset that I was the only one who voted for “Hikari no Hashi o Koete”, that I barely saved “For Fruits Basket” with my vote, or that I was one of 2 people to vote for “Continued Story”; I am more pissed about the fact that “Diamond Crevasse” (any version) didn’t get in nor did “Seikan Hikou” or “What Bout My Star? (any version) or only 2 songs from Eureka 7 (neither of which was Sakura or Niji). Sigh this contest just made me a lot sadder. The fanboy rage is BURNING in me.

    I guess I am happy that Hitori Bocchi and Koi Kogarete mita Yume wa made it in at least I have that. Also recency bias is a bitch.

    • Haha I know where you’re coming from. For me it was a mixture of frustration but also a small sense of achievement. Like you, I am also upset to see that I was the only one to vote for some of these songs. Insert songs seem generally more handicapped than the OP/ED themes, especially those that only gets a single play of a few seconds, and no one would vote for it unless they’ve listened to the soundtrack as well.

      Amongst the lost causes, I’m probably most disappointed that no one else voted for Gunslinger Girl insert song “Woke From Dreaming” even though the opening theme (from the same band) did fairly well. My biggest regret is not putting Hitomi’s “Planetes” higher up on my list.

      And yes, recency bias is indeed a bitch. If this was done 15 years ago I’m sure Bubblegum Crisis’ songs would be a lot more prevalent in the list 😀 People can only nominate things that they come across though, so let’s just hope the oldies that did make it fare better in the polls (though I won’t be holding my breath lol).

  4. None of aria, signs, diamond crevasse (even if both the shinkuu and normal version got added together), euterpe nor kuroi namida made it. More surprised on the last one though as kuroi namida was a big hit for Tsuchiya Anna.

    Pure snow barely scraped though but that is one old song so it being unknown to many isn’t surprising. On the bright side, at least Sakura Nagashi is in pretty strongly and bebop’s Blue is still in the running

  5. Woah, I didn’t think so many of my picks would be left behind, even some not-so-obscure ones. No one else voting for Fukanzen Nenshou and just one other Brain Diver fan?! I also left euphoric field out of my picks thinking it was a sure lock, but it was far from making it… I guess you can’t try and predict these things after all.
    (And looking at ChouCho songs, it seems that people picked Yasashisa no Riyuu over Kawaru Mirai?! Noooooo.)

    Ah well, the best parts are that Itou Kanako’s Heartbreaking Romance did unexpectedly (and just barely) make it, and that the tourney’s kicking off soon! I think I’ll be spending a lot of time checking out the 38- songs already, that is one precious spreadsheet file. Thanks for posting it!

  6. There’s a The World God Only Knows – God only knows Daisanmaku (God only knows 第三幕) that should’ve been cleaned up as “The World God Only Knows – God only knows”, as the daisanmaku (lit. third movement) is the TV-size excerpt of the latter.

  7. “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – The Blood Destiny” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~” are the same song.

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