Preliminary Round – The Animusic Elimination Game

Maybe this title brings back memories. Maybe it doesn’t.

Either way, some things need to go. Before we start the actual Animusic Tourney, to narrow down the tracklist to 256 tracks, we must ELIMINATE 3 TRACKS FROM THE COMPETITION. The tracks that are available for you to eliminate from this tourney are as follows:

Vote for the track that you like LEAST!

Vote for the track that you like LEAST! Not which one you love to bits, but which one you’d see crash and burn right on the spot before it even gets its chance to square off against worthier fare!

Track 1: Bartender – Bartender

Track 2: Gankutsuou – You won’t see me coming (FULL)

Track 3: Inuyasha – Shinjitsu no Uta

Track 4: MariaHolic – HANAJI

Track 5: Mawaru Penguindrum – ROCK OVER JAPAN

Track 6: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Hito To Shite Jiku Ga Burete Iru

Track 7: Shakugan no Shana – Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo

Track 8: xxxHOLIC – 19sai

Polls close Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 11:59 -0700 UTC. Happy voting and discussing!

35 thoughts on “Preliminary Round – The Animusic Elimination Game

  1. Even if you clearly state it in the text that this poll is about choosing whichever two songs is to be gotten rid off ,in bold letters even, I dont think it’s clear enough for those that usually just glance over quickly and go for the poll asap. In addition to it being in bold letters you could try changing the colour of that particular text to red for example. I may be wrong and no-one makes a mistake with their choices, but making it clearer in the early stages would only be a benefit in the long run imo.

    • I agree, you should probably make it more blatantly idoiot proof. There WILL be people that don’t bother to read, even with the caps lock text in there.
      Like red, bolded, capitalized, size 30 font immediately above the poll.

        • Wondering why you just didn’t ask us to vote for our favorites and eliminate the 2 lowest scoring tracks? Same difference right?

        • My worry was having to tie-break in the edge case that all the votes would go to like… 3 songs and I’d have a headache to deal with logistically by figuring out what to do with the other 5 songs.

          Granted, what I just described is unlikely in hindsight, but I’m kinda paranoid like that.

  2. Animusic Tourney already doing its job as far as I’m concerned — already have some songs that I should put onto my mp3 player!

    Ultimately went for the Shana song, even though I like the synthy background beat.

  3. 19sai is an amazing opening. Not just the song but the visuals too, which reference damn near everything in the show in ways you’d only realize in retrospect. I would’ve nominated it if I didn’t feel like wasting my nominations on obscure insert songs.

  4. Just very curious to know why Shana isn’t getting much love. I voted Bartender cos it’s what I found the weakest of the pack. Mariaholic had an insane quality to it and ROCK OVER Japan is just so kooky! Could be nostalgia. Could be I’m bias 😀

    • Insane quality? More like insane irritation. I agree the visuals of that OP were amazing but not the song, NOT THE SONG!
      I didn’t even make it past the first minute of ROCK OVER Japan.

  5. these songs were the lowest voted songs?
    if HANAJI is in the lowest brackets, I don’t have much hope for this tournament.

  6. Shinjitsu no Uta is 3rd in line for the cut? Very surprising given the song was pretty popular in general audiences when Do As Infinity were at the top of the charts. The current top choice for the drop (Shana ‘s) is actually quite nice.

    Went with ROCK OVER JAPAN. Its used very well for the transformation in the anime but without visual backing, as a stand alone, its not really there. Mariaholic’s OP is openly comedic in its song style.

    That does bring into focus for me that some songs are best as supporting visuals or snippets and loses some steam when judged on a purely audio basis

    • I kind of agree. Compared to the original version of ROCK OVER JAPAN the cover version by the Penguindrum girls serves only to underlie how ridiculous it is, especially when paired with the visuals. Same could be said of HANAJI but I think that one has some merit standing alone, especially considering the lyrics and delivery (not everyone can do a Kobayashi Yuu, let’s just say).

      I’m not particularly fond of Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo but I have some personal connection with the song. It’s actually used back in 2000 or 2001, in a promo video for Aquarian Age (the card game OAV). It took me a long time hunting it to realize it never got released, but in the process the song has gave me a lasting impression since the difficulty of hunting it down kind of left a mark in my mind. And honestly it’s pretty okay for what it is–mainstream anison. When it got swapped into Shana a few years ago (and got a single) that put an end to this story but as a result I’m really partial to that.

  7. I’m so happy I found this tourney! I think this can be so much fun. And it will let me discover many new songs to like, I hope.

    Anyway, Yoake and 19sai are my favorites from the group. I don’t understand how is Yoake at the top when many people praise it in the comments. Oh well, there is still time, maybe more Yoko Takahashi fans will come and save it.

  8. Seems I’m not the only one head scratching over why Shana is first in line for the cut 😀 That said, could one of the reasons be because the song ends so abruptly? I went and searched out several versions of the song, but they all end in the same way!

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