Anime Music Poll Example

Track 1: Lucky Star – Moetekke Sailor Fuku (Minoru vers)

Track 2: Someday’s Dreamers – Where the Sky and the Earth Meet

Track 3: One Outs – Aerobatic Funk

No one’s nominated the first track. N-n-n-not that I want them to or anything!

This format is more or less what you can expect.

Still on the fence about deciding whether to run with a 192-song format (3 songs in each poll in the first round only, 2 songs thereafter) or 256-song format (2 songs per poll the whole way through).

Inclined to use Polldaddy, despite the obvious security issues exposed during the Aniblog Tourney.

26 thoughts on “Anime Music Poll Example

  1. No ego should be harmed in this contest so I don’t think you have to worry too much about cheaters.

    I think. I mean you guys do take this thing very seriously. So who knows.

    What I would really love is if you guys take a nice long break after releasing the schedule matchup for the first round, though.

      • Hmmm, but that would mean songs from more older or more obscure anime would have virtually no chance of making it to the voting stage D: Maybe you could have some system to pick some wild card entries amongst the nominations that didn’t make the cut?

        • Not quite true. The point system was designed to alleviate some of that and hopefully that’s how things will turn out. That said, I haven’t done any tabulating just yet, so I can’t be sure, but I’d wager that there’ll be quite a diverse field of tracks to keep most people happy.

        • Well, I have my doubts as to whether one or two people nominating an obscure entry will be enough to lift it above the masses of entries from more popular anime, but I guess we will see.

        • From my experience with the International Saimoe League, any ruling that helps slip “classics” in and pits them against those entries that actually earned their place results in the classics getting slaughtered anyway. I think it’s fine with just those old tracks that actually have the staying power to get into the tournament on their own.

          If you want to use the tournament as an opportunity to introduce other tracks you like/consider noteworthy, you can always run exposition matches as a sideshow like the ISML does.

        • You raise a fair point, but I’m not actually expecting the more obscure songs to do well, just that they get a little more exposure, which they should do if some of them make it to the voting stage as at least some of the voters will actually be listening to the songs before they vote (probably for the more well known tracks). Also, as far as I can tell, the Saimoe thing is voting for characters, which you’re hardly likely to do unless you’ve watched the show they’re in. Since this involves just listening to the songs – which will be made available on the page – the possibility of people voting for songs from an anime they haven’t seen is increased considerably. So I’m expecting the obscure candidates to do a *little* better at least, though I’m not expecting any miracles lol.

  2. Let’s look at this way.

    During the Aniblog Tourney, cheating at least had some sort of purpose. It was to promote one’s site, however silly that was.

    But now, cheating is to make a song win.

    And that’s just sad.

    So if there’s cheating, let’s just laugh at the poor souls.

  3. What I want to recommend you about the tournament that if you choose the 3 characters, seed off the 1st and the 2nd who advanced, so that in the next match, a 1st from one matches will face off a 2nd from another. You can do it based on the VF, or VF%, it’s just a way to prevent strong songs from being eliminated way to early. If possible seed off all the nomination as well, where the top go against the bottom (and the middle if it is 3 way match, e.g nomination 1st vs nomination 128th vs nomination 256th).

    It’s just an idea, totally random matches can be quite exciting, but it give the songs to much force on luck.

  4. I’ve noticed while compiling my list that some songs appear to be listed under several different names due to translation issues, e.g. Bratja/Brothers; Rouge no Dengon/Message in Rouge/Lipstick Message, and obviously, this can occur with anime titles too. Is there a risk that votes may be split between different songs because they were submitted using different names, especially since there are so many entries?

  5. Also does Aerobatic Funk count as an insert? I would only very loosely call that a vocal component. Damnit I should have nommed “Get it by your hands”.

  6. I made an initial list of like 54 songs from which I’d carefully chose 15…unfortunately, I got busy, so I pretty arbitrarily picked 15.
    Here are my choices:

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – God Knows
    D.Gray Man – Tsunaida Te ni Kiss wo
    Elfen Lied – Lithium
    Clannad After Story – Toki Wo Kizamu Uta
    Minami-ke Okaeri – Curry Song
    Detective Conan – Feel your heart
    Tamako Market – Neguse
    JoJo – Bloody Stream
    The Search for Odin – Loudness
    Steins;Gate – Most Heartful
    Full metal Alchemist – Brothers
    Gundam Seed Destiny – Pride
    .hack//sign – Land of Twilight Under the moon
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka – Magia
    Bleach – Asterisk

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