The Compromise Candidate (5 years before ver.)

One fourth score years ago, the internet, specifically Nico Nico Douga brought forth upon this world a varied medley, conceived by Shimo, and dedicated to the proposition that games and anison deserve a giant mashup of awesomeness.

Now, we are engaged in an anime music tourney to test whether these songs notable from 5 years past, or songs from more recent fare will long stand. We are met on a mere site amidst a giant network to host this, as fans of every stripe chime in, be it by vote or by comment so that this enjoyment of anison might long live.

But we realize that in a larger sense, there’s no objectivity in music; its a personal experience unto us all and none have the true power to so declare one experience superior over another, be it by context, lyrics, or musical form and structure. Nevertheless, it is up to us, the listeners, to dedicate ourselves to the enjoyment of this mixed medium so that the artists of works possibly timeless shall not have created them in vain – so that this fandom shall have a slew of new experiences and ensure that anison new and old, shall not perish from this earth.


To be honest, I just needed a good excuse to post this video and keep this from being too barren while nominations are coming in. It’s kind of surprising that it burst on the scene about 5 years ago and now, the reason why I even know about some of these songs is because of the delicious tribute it received through this medley. Granted, I haven’t followed this phenomenon past, oh, I don’t know… 2009? So any new entries have just been lost on me. Still, it’s tough to beat if your goal is to get a broad sampling of anison and whatnot crammed within a 10-minute timespan.

Updates: We’re closing in on 160 nominations as of this writing. To clarify, that’s 160 people. Average is about 10 songs nominated per ballot aaaaaand my job of tabulating it all via Excel has become much more daunting, but exciting all the same! A little over one week left.

4 thoughts on “The Compromise Candidate (5 years before ver.)

  1. Every time I play Agent of the Night I think of this thing. And it gets kind of annoying after a while!

    That said I had some good memories with this song.

    • Best I can really give is a rough estimate. And reminds me of a Fermi problem I’d get with tech interviews.

      I just counted out the first 10 nominations and came up with about 100 unique nominations… which is frankly surprising, but nice to know. Now, if we decided to extend that data to 160 nominations, we’d come up with 1600 nominations which is pure nonsense.

      A closer estimate would be to estimate that many of those following the top 10 will overlap, say, 50%, which still skews the estimate to about 800 unique tracks, which is still quite high. My gut instinct, from looking at the later nominations says that we’re at least somewhere in the ball park of 500 unique tracks. I’ll have a better answer for you once I actually parse the spreadsheet.

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